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Location: Powell, Wyoming
Primary Breed:Spotted Draft Color: Spotted
Other breed:Thoroughbred
Other breed:Shire
Date Foaled:June, 2013 Gender:Gelding
Current Height:16 HH Weight:1700

"2013 Draft Cross Gelding: All-Around, Ranch and Family"

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Pirate is consigned to the June 6, 2024 sale

What is your definition of the perfect horse? Is it one that you can saddle up at -20 to rescue the elk hunter on the mountain and know you’re coming home with the hunter and his prize? Or is it one that you can go doctor a lame cow off of then let your 7yr old, that would rather play with tractors than ride horses, hop on and ride back to the barn? Pirate has been all that and more for us. Pirate would never be offered for sale, but we have found our dream property and need to make adult decisions about where we want our life to head. In saying this we have hundreds of photos of him and several hours’ worth of video, most videos of horses we have made have been videoed off him, so if you’re interested in a specific video, please let us know!! Pirate has an exceptionally long resume and there are also multiple people who can tell you about how awesome Pirate is and are willing to talk with anyone interested in him!

Pirate’s main job has been the go-to ranch horse. He may not be able to run down a fast cow, but when roped there hasn’t been a cow or bull he hasn’t been able to handle. Since he was 4 he has always been the first pick to get in the trailer for the tough jobs that must get done. When the missing bull is spotted in the field with the boar grizzly bear, you take Pirate, and you’re even more thankful you took Pirate when you find out it wasn’t a boar, but a sow with cubs. He’s taught multiple new ropers how to be safe in the branding pen. He keeps his cool no matter what is going on around him and he has the maneuvers to allow the roper to take the shots. You can tie and step off to doctor a cow or calf and know that he’ll stay with you and hold. He’s been in ranch rodeos and even won Top Horse once! Pirate knows when the work needs to be done and always rises to the occasion making his rider look amazing! He has been an outrider horse for the Cody Stampede Parade since 2018, pulling broken down floats, keeping the public safe, going past all the marching bands and general chaos that goes on during a parade. The moment we knew how awesome Pirate would be; early morning moving cows, our 6 it old son was riding with us, and his horse pulled up lame. Pirate had been used all over the ranch but never ridden by a kid. He was picked to haul Wade around. Started out lead-line, but things went south with the cows quickly. We had cows bailing off side hills, brushed up, and couple bulls being bulls. Jerry and the other cowboy had to chase the treed up cows leaving Sam, leading Wade, and another timid rider moving the compliant cows. The other rider's horse decided to throw a fit, just about dumping the rider and successfully losing the saddle. We didn't want to lose the cows, so Sam unclipped Pirate, and Wade continued pushing the cows to the next gate while Sam helped the other rider re-situate. Wade never again asked to ride any other horse outside but Pirate. Rides like these just show how versatile, forgiving, and awesome Pirate is, not only for adults but kids too.

He has been there, done that got multiple t-shirts! Seriously though, the sheer number of ribbons and commendations he has received over his time with us is amazing. Every event we have entered we have found ways to succeed. He has shown Traditional and Western Dressage up to first level and last summer was high point of the whole show, receiving a silver platter, with a score of 74.5. For such a big horse, Pirate is light on his feet, moves off your leg and is supple in the contact. He takes both leads for any level rider. You can take him to local or open shows and be competitive and have fun because he is a character and gives everything asked for in every ride. Our young son, who is not a rider, has shown him in both English and Western group and individual classes at local shows. He does what is asked of him and looks good doing everything! You might be surprised but Pirate has won money team sorting, for a big guy he turns correct and really follows his cow. He’s handy in the gate, for one thing he’s almost as big as the gate and seems to enjoy the game. He’s had everyone on him from kids to adults and every level ride him team sorting and all rave over how much fun he is and how much hair he has! Pirate is accomplished at Working Equitation and this summer I was planning on showing him level 2. He crosses all the obstacles and is adept with the garrocha pole. He’s steady and tolerant yet maneuverable making him a ton of fun, consistent and very reliable as a partner.

Pirate was born June 12, 2013, to friends of ours who raise and train draft crosses in Bridger, MT. We brought him home in April of 2014 and he has been with us since. He was trained to drive as a young 3yr old and later that summer he was started under saddle. He currently stands 16.3hh and weighs a solid 1500lb. Pirate is an awesome driving horse having been drove both single and double. You can hook him to feed the cows on a cold winter day, take him to town to deliver Christmas trees, presents and food to families in need or use him for lighted Christmas parades. Pirate is sane and solid under harness and everyone that meets him loves how personable he is to be around. Pirate loves being brushed and loved on, his favorite is to have his ears and behind his jaw scratched while pressing his head into your chest. He has never been off a day in his life and is current on vaccinations, de-worming and teeth floating. He stands, like a rock, for the vet and farrier. He stands for saddling, bathing and fly spray. Since he is on the taller side, he is trained to side-pass up to wherever the rider is standing whether that is a rock, a log, the fence, a 4-wheeler, truck bed, trailer, or side hill.

Pirate is truly an all-around gelding that has seen a little of everything and it would be a whole lot easier to tell you the things he hasn’t done. We will miss having this big, kind-hearted, tolerant, and reliable gelding around, but we know that he will be loved and appreciated wherever he ends up. We would never sell him, but he is available now to help offset land costs. Adult decisions are dumb. Please call 307-578-7386 for more information. We will haul him to any veterinarian in Park County Wyoming for a pre-purchase exam at the buyer’s expense.

Join us June 15, 2023, at 4pm MST for a Facebook live video to get any questions about Pirate answered and to see him live and in person!

YouTube Video

For more information contact:

Jerry and Samantha Hill
Powell, Wyoming 82435
Phone 307-578-7386

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