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Horse For Sale
9 year old chestnut mare
Belgian Mare, Located in , Foaled in 2013
Horse For Sale
Registered Percheron cross filly
Price: $8500
Thoroughbred Cross Mare, Located in West Monroe, New York, Foaled in April 2022
Horse For Sale
Yearling American Sugarbush Harlequin Draft Colt
Price: $8500
Sugarbush Stallion, Located in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, Foaled in June 2021
Horse For Sale
Very Broke, willing worker, 3yr old
Price: $6500
Belgian Gelding, 16HH, Located in Orford, New Hampshire, Foaled in February 2019
Horse For Sale
16 year old Belgian
Price: $5000
Belgian Cross Gelding, 16.0HH, Located in Spencer, Oklahoma, Foaled in 2006
Horse For Sale
Black Percheron mare
Price: $4500
Percheron Mare, 17HH, Located in Bath, North Carolina, Foaled in 2006
Horse For Sale
Black shire gelding
Price: $12000
Shire Gelding, 17HH, Located in Bath, North Carolina, Foaled in 2011
Horse For Sale
Friesian cross gelding
Price: $6500
Friesian Gelding, 15HH, Located in Bath, North Carolina, Foaled in 2019
Horse For Sale
6 year old Boggs creek rocky pulling stud
Price: $25000
Belgian Stallion, 17HH, Located in , Foaled in 2016
Horse For Sale
5 year old Emma Lakes Dekota Daughter
Price: $10000
Percheron Mare, 18HH, Located in Barnesvile, Georgia, Foaled in 2017

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