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Horse For Sale

Quality, Registered, Family and Therapy Fjords

(Registered with CFHA, NFHR)
Location: Clyde Park, Montana
Breed:Norwegian Fjord Color: Grey
Date Foaled:July, 2020 Gender:Gelding
Current Height:14.0 HH Weight:1100

"Gentle, kind, beautiful fjords! PROVEN FOR kids & therapy!"

Smedsmo Gren... Still the One

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SUNNYSIDE FARMS:  Where traditional Norwegian Bloodlines meet today's therapeutic needs!

During the summer months, we enjoy the beautiful, big sky time of year with  great riding and driving Fjords.  Are looking for a single horse to pull your cart?  Do you seek a horse to ride into the mountains or on the trails?  OR, is your center looking for a new therapy horse?  We may have a FOAL that could grow into that horse!  All of our Fjord horses are suited for jobs like these... plus some!  Those same horses can be gentle mounts for young and old alike! 

Our foals are imprinted and raised in our programs on the farm, most have have imported parents from other countries and are blossoming in our care.  Sometimes we have consignment horses, and regardless of their origin, they've been to Sunnyside, and they won't soon forget it.  Our happy horses are gentle, sound, hard working and well trained (or started).  We MAY have colts, fillies, geldings and mares varying in ages and levels of training... and EVEN COLOR!  You won't soon see such a terrific selection of GREY dun horses.

INQUIRE NOW about the current foals available for sale!

Our horses are gentle and geared towards the everyday American family with children, dogs, cats, donkeys, goats, traffic, a desire to love, travel, ride and drive.  They are highly socialized, and are used in lessons for able bodied folks in ways that you would use therapy horses.  Our Fjords love attention and companionship, are hard workers,  and are willing.  The horses drive and ride (english, western and bareback), and will please the youngest and oldest of heart. We start our Fjords slowly, gently and with great versatility.  This way, they have a VERY solid foundation from which to base their future.

The right Fjords can make great family and novice horses...and we have some of the best of them. Its often true that a young fjord may be suitable for a novice rider!  The horses available from Sunnyside farm are always healthy and current on farrier work, worming and vaccinations.  To the very best of our knowledge, all of our horses are sound are easy to manage!  Inquire to find the perfect Fjord!

**All horses are registered through NFHR, and/or CFHA.  Please ask for specifics on pedigrees, bloodlines, and registration.  If you really want to check us out, go to:
Go to the horses section and you'll find Fjords listed for sale.  Please contact us for a current sales list or with the details for the horse of your dreams!

Please note:  Traditionally, we head South to Arizona for a few months in the winter, and always have some great Fjords available there.  Please visit the website and be sure to inquire for a current sales list. 

NOW STANDING, SMEDSMO GRAEN and BRIGG!  Call or email for more details.

Wait for me, friend!
Photos courtesy of Jaclynn Matthews

YouTube Video


Quality, Registered, Family and Therapy Fjords Sire:
One of our lovely mares

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For more information contact:

wendy bauwens
sunnyside farm
po box 265/ 104 west first st
clyde park, Montana 59018
Phone 406-223-6933

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